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Canon C300 MkII

Canon C300 MkII

Canon's C300 MkII is an all purpose, 4K capable camera.  It can be configured many different ways, depending on the job requirements.   Standard cinema accessories accompany this camera on every shoot.


A set of zoom lenses live in the same case as the C300M2 body:

*18-80/T4.4  Canon CN-E Cinema Zoom

*18-35/1.8  Sigma Art 

*50-100/1.8  Sigma Art

A variety of both autofocus and manual focus prime lenses in EF mount are kept at hand.

Camera Support

*O'Connor 1030HDS fluid head

*Ronford medium 2 stage tripod and spreader

Camera Support Continued...

Mini Jib

Seven Jib and Kessler K-Pod tripod.

Compact Seven Jib coupled with the robust K-Pod tripod by Kessler.

The Hat

The Hat hi-hat

Multi use camera mount- designed for uneven terrain.

HD Slider


Fast, stable, super strong slider sets up in minutes on any terrain.



FAA Part 107 Certified

As an FAA Part 107 certified drone operator I usually pack a drone when I'm working outside of NYC's no fly zones.  All flights are insured through Verifly for peace of mind.

DJI Mavic Pro

Small, portable 4K drone comes with 4 batteries, ND filter kit, and several microSD cards.